Lift and tighten without surgery

A MINT thread lift, or a Minimally Invasive Non-surgical thread lift, tightens and lifts the mid-face, neck, and jowl area with a medical grade suture called Polydioxanone, or PDO thread for short. MINT thread lifts are incredibly versatile and can be used conservatively to lift select areas or to perform a complete non-surgical facelift. Results last for about a year, and patients can return to their regular schedule the next day.

PDO thread explained

In addition to a significant amount of lift and tightening, a PDO thread lift stimulates collagen production in the face. Collagen improves skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles, and makes the face look plump and youthful. The body naturally stops producing collagen over time, which is why skin sagging and wrinkling occur. PDO threads are made of proteins, and like fillers, they dissolve over time and are naturally metabolized by the body.

What to expect during a MINT thread lift

Getting a MINT thread lift couldn’t be easier. The process takes less than thirty minutes and only requires local anesthesia. Though the patient is awake, they are kept completely comfortable. MINT thread lifts are pain-free, though the patient may feel some pressure or slight tugging.

After numbing the target area, markings are made along the cheek, jaw, and near the ear. Then, minute incisions are made at those pre-marked points, and a cannula is inserted to make a subdermal pathway between the incision points. Next, PDO threads are strategically inserted and then tied together. The knot is hidden beneath the skin, leaving the area nice and smooth. Once the small incisions heal, there is no trace of the procedure.

Almost no recovery time

A MINT thread lift is a mild procedure, and patients can continue life as usual the very next day. Some may even choose to return to scheduled activities after the procedure, however once the anesthesia wears off the patient may experience discomfort. Swelling and soreness are to be expected and will disappear after a few days. Bruising is minimal. A diet of soups and smoothies is recommended for the 2-3 days following the procedure. Patients should avoid strenuous exercise for a few days and sleep with their head elevated to minimize swelling. Dr. Miller recommends cold compresses and over-the-counter painkillers to relieve discomfort.

Youthful results

Right after a MINT thread lift, the target area is noticeably rejuvenated. The face looks younger, brighter, and completely natural. Around month three, collagen production is at a high and the skin will look plump, hydrated, and more youthful. The chin, neck, and jaw will have a clean, contoured look. Around 9 months the PDO threads will start to dissolve, and after a year or so, the patient can pursue another THREAD lift.

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Is a MINT thread liftright for me?

Almost anybody can benefit from a MINT thread lift unless they have advanced signs of aging and a high degree of skin laxity. A MINT thread lift is ideal for those who need some lift or tightening but are unwilling to undergo a facelift - either because of the invasiveness of the procedure or because they don't need a complete facial rejuvenation yet. 

Those who don’t want to bother with fillers every few months also love MINT thread lifts, as results last for up to a year.

The treatment cost is very manageable for those who are budget conscious. Contact our offices today to learn more about MINT thread lifts!

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