What are functional nasal procedures?

Rhinoplasties are not just for cosmetic purposes. A nose damaged in a car accident, physical fight, or other traumatic injury can be painful, cause breathing problems, and make you self-conscious or embarrassed about your appearance. Genetic abnormalities cause chronic congestion and discomfort. Dr. Miller can restore your nose to peak functionality and give you a more symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing nose than you had before.

Balloon sinuplasty 

The constant pain and discomfort caused by chronic sinusitis can significantly decrease a patient's quality of life. A balloon sinuplasty opens sinus passageways to prevent mucus buildup and allow for proper drainage. In this procedure, a tiny inflatable catheter is used to widen the sinus passageways, which allows the surgeon to clear the area of any blockage. The catheter is then removed, but the sinus retains its wider shape. Dr. Miller performs this surgery with a surgeon who specializes in sinus procedures.

Nasal reconstruction 

Accidents and injuries happen. A nasal fracture, commonly called a broken nose, can compromise a patient's health as well as their looks; that is why it is essential to find a facial surgeon who is an expert in both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, such as Dr. Miller. A nasal reconstruction must allow the patient to breathe normally and look their best.


For some people, the septum of the nose is asymmetrical. This is typically due to genetics. An asymmetrical or deviated septum can make breathing difficult and cause snoring, sleep apnea, sinusitis, and frequent nasal blockages. During a septoplasty, Dr. Miller carefully realigns the septum so it is spaced equally between either nostril. The result is a balanced and more functional nose. This procedure takes about an hour to an hour and a half and has no visible scarring.

Turbinate reduction 

Turbinates are located on the nasal wall and help warm and humidify the air we breathe, as well as regulate nasal airflow. When enlarged or swollen however, they obstruct breathing and cause excessive congestion. During a turbinate reduction, Dr. Miller removes some tissue from the turbinate to make it smaller, thereby reducing the chances of future obstruction. A turbinate reduction is often performed in conjunction with a septoplasty.

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The recovery process

Recovery time varies depending on the type of procedure performed. Balloon sinuplasties require only a few days of recovery, while nasal reconstruction demands at least two weeks of abstaining from normal activity. Dr. Miller will create a customized postoperative plan and carefully review it with you, answering any questions you may have. He will also schedule a series of follow-up appointments to observe as you heal.

For most patients, recovery includes a period of bruising and swelling. This is completely normal and eases in a week or two. Some patients will experience intermittent swelling until their noses fully heal, in about 12-18 months. For the first few weeks, patients should sleep with their heads elevated and avoid strenuous physical activity. As patients heal, they should consult Dr. Miller about resuming their regular exercise routines.

Results you can count on

After a functional nasal procedure, your nose will work as it should. Breathing will be consistent and easy. Sinus infections and chronic congestion will abate. Snoring and nasal sounds will also disappear. The nose's appearance will be restored to its original form, or if you choose, be improved. Dr. Miller can make a nose more symmetrical, streamline the bridge, and contour the tip and nostrils for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance if the patient desires.

Dr. Miller has decades of rhinoplasty experience

Dr. Miller has honed his expertise in rhinoplasty over nearly three decades. He is double-board certified and one of the most lauded facial plastic surgeons in the country. Dr. Miller has been published numerous times, innovated and trademarked cutting-edge facial and nasal surgical procedures, and even trained other plastic surgeons in advanced techniques of facial plastic surgery.

Dr. Miller's ability to connect with his patients makes him stand out from other surgeons. He is personable, approachable, and beloved by his patients and staff. In addition to his excellent bedside manner, he has consistently great results. Reach out to Dr. Miller's office to schedule your free consultation today!

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