Add volume to your face in a natural way

Would you like to add suppleness and contour to your face but don’t want to rely on synthetic fillers? A facial fat transfer, also called a fat graft or autogenous fat transplantation, is the process of removing fat from another part of the body, refining it, and using it to add volume to the face and lips. Fat grafts typically last 1-3 years, much longer than dermal fillers.

What to expect during a facial fat transfer 

Some people are averse to fillers because they fear an allergic reaction or other complications. Others simply prefer to use the cells from their own bodies instead of a manufactured product. In a fat transfer, Dr. Miller performs gentle liposuction in an area of the body that has excess fatty tissue like the thighs, buttocks, or abdomen. Then, that fat is thoroughly sterilized and rid of impurities. Finally, Dr. Miller uses the refined fatty tissue to carefully sculpt the cheeks or lips, or add volume to facial hollows and depressions. Facial fat transfers often happen during facelifts, and are a great way to make subtle, delicate enhancements to the face.

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What is recovery like? 

Because facial fat transfers are a surgical procedure, recovery time is needed. The length of time depends on the degree of correction. Each patient will receive a post-treatment plan from Dr. Miller with a personalized timeline for healing. Since the patient’s own tissue is used, complications or negative reactions are rare. 

Bruising and swelling are normal and should diminish in 5-7 days. Strenuous exercise should be avoided until cleared by Dr. Miller. Patients will come into the office for follow-up visits so Dr. Miller can monitor the healing process and ensure that it is going smoothly.

 Natural, beautiful results

When performed by an accomplished surgeon like Dr. Miller, results from a facial fat graft look seamless and natural. Less experienced practitioners lack the detailed knowledge of facial anatomy required to deliver outstanding results. After a facial fat graft, the patient’s face will look plumper, younger, and more supple. Any pre-existing hollows will be nicely filled out, giving the patient a well-rested and refreshed appearance. Dr. Miller helps patients reverse the signs of aging and watches them blossom into vibrant, empowered people with renewed confidence in their appearance and themselves.

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Is a facial fat graft suitable for you? 

During your free consultation, Dr. Miller will carefully listen to your aesthetic goals and consider whether a facial fat graft would help you achieve them. For those who would rather avoid synthetic fillers but want to have volume added to deflated or hollow areas of their face, facial fat grafting could be an ideal solution.

This procedure is effective regardless of age. Younger patients who don’t yet show signs of aging pursue facial fat grafts to enhance and contour their lips or cheeks. Reach out to our offices today to schedule your free consultation with Dr. Miller.

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