What is a micro rhinoplasty?

The micro rhinoplasty was created when Dr. Miller learned about a device called the microrasp, commonly used in dental practices in Europe. He immediately saw that the microrasp, an air-powered abrasive tool, could be useful in rhinoplasties. Dr. Miller tested his theory and found huge success. Using just a tiny incision, Dr. Miller saw that he could eradicate humps and bumps on the nose in a matter of minutes without breaking and reforming the nose.

A quick and painless procedure

Micro rhinoplasties are done while the patient is awake, using only local anesthesia. The patient feels nothing except maybe some light pressure or vibration while the microrasp is being used. The procedure is so mild that many patients are pleasantly surprised at how comfortable they are during the operation. Dr. Miller makes a small incision under the skin, near where the hump or bump is located. Then, he uses the microrasp in a gentle back-and-forth motion to delicately shave the bump down. Once he has achieved the desired contour, he uses a suctioning tool beneath the skin to remove any debris the microrasp may have created. The whole procedure takes less than 15 minutes and sometimes takes as little as 5.

How is a micro rhinoplasty unique?

The most common reason patients pursue rhinoplasties is to smoothen a bump or hump in their nose. Sometimes these bumps are a result of a traumatic fracture or a previous rhinoplasty. In a typical osteotomy, which is the medical term for removing bumps from bones, the nasal bones are fractured and then repositioned. This technique, while necessary in some cases, requires extensive recovery time and can be quite painful. 

However with a micro rhinoplasty, no fractures are needed. Dr. Miller makes a small incision under the skin and uses the microrasp to shave down the bumps and humps, contouring the nose so it has a smooth silhouette. The procedure is rapid and so is the recovery time. Additionally, micro rhinoplasties are dramatically less painful for the patient.

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Back to your life in 1-2 days

The best part of the micro rhinoplasty is that patients can return to normal life in 1-2 days. There is a cast placed on the nose after the procedure that can be removed in a few days. Though the procedure is a minor one, the patient must be accompanied home. There is very little pain during the healing process for a micro rhinoplasty. Patients should avoid vigorous exercise for 4-6 weeks, and follow the detailed care plan that Dr. Miller creates for them. Dr. Miller will have them return for follow-up appointments to monitor healing.

Who is a micro rhinoplasty for?

A micro rhinoplasty is best suited to those who are bothered by slight bumps or humps in their nose, but may not need a full rhinoplasty. The procedure is also ideal for who may be averse to invasive surgeries, or simply do not have the time necessary to recover from an osteotomy or rhinoplasty. Anyone who considers a micro rhinoplasty should be in overall good health and have realistic expectations.

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Miller is an innovator and an expert in rhinoplasty

Dr. Miller has spent his decades-long career dedicated to cosmetic facial plastic surgery, with a focus on rhinoplasty. He invented the micro rhinoplasty and has developed many other advanced facial cosmetic techniques that minimize downtime and maximize results. Reach out to his office to schedule your free consultation today!

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