What is Xeroform? 

Once the surgery is complete, the second most important step in the process is recovery. Healing surgical incisions quickly and properly is Dr. Miller’s top priority during this stage. Though it seems minor, the dressings used while a patient heals can have a significant impact on how long a patient takes to recover. Xeroform is a type of gauze that minimizes pain, promotes faster healing, and serves as an effective barrier to infection.

How does Xeroform work? 

Xeroform is a non-adherent gauze that minimizes pain during dressing changes and promotes healing. Impregnated with medical-grade petroleum, Xeroform allows the wound to stay moist and warm so cells can heal more quickly. The gauze also reduces the amount of air that reaches the wound.  Xeroform contains a compound called bismuth tribromophenate that prevents infection and allows healthy cells to work at full capacity; it also has deodorizing qualities. The gauze is composed of fine mesh that won’t irritate the wound, and it has a soothing effect on the skin. Xeroform is pliable and can be used on any part of the body. A bandage is needed to hold it in place.

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When and how do I use Xeroform gauze?

Xeroform is to cover newly-sutured incisions after surgery, and in some cases as ‘packing’ in the nose after a rhinoplasty. The first step is to ensure the incision area is clean. After sterilizing, gently dry the surrounding skin with a clean cloth. Place a piece of Xeroform over the incision, and use some type of sterile bandage to affix it in place. Change the dressing as directed by Dr. Miller.

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Post-operative care

Each patient will receive a detailed post-operative care plan from Dr. Miller, who will explain it thoroughly to make sure instructions are clear. Patients are also scheduled for multiple follow-up visits so Dr. Miller can ensure that healing is going according to plan. If you have any questions about dressing incisions or Xeroform, please call Dr. Miller’s office so his highly trained staff can provide support right away.

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