What is revision rhinoplasty for?

Unfortunately, bad nose jobs happen. The most common reason is poor communication between patient and surgeon. This is not the patient's fault! A surgeon is responsible for knowing what the patient wants beyond a shadow of a doubt. A revisional, or secondary, rhinoplasty is a great deal more complicated than a primary rhinoplasty. Dr. Miller performs countless revisions and does so with care, patience, and expertise. 

What to look for in a surgeon

In addition to strong communication, research is key! Patients should carefully vet potential rhinoplasty surgeons by the following criteria:

  • Performs numerous rhinoplasties per week
  • Does not intimidate the patient or rush them, but shows care and patience
  • Specializes in rhinoplasties and revisional rhinoplasties
  • Ideally only performs rhinoplasties and facial surgeries
  • Has consistent results
  • Shares your aesthetic
  • Experienced in both open and closed rhinoplasties
  • Are board certified 

NatraLook Dr. Miller's revolutionary approach to consultations

Dr. Miller has done thousands of rhinoplasties, from minimally invasive to complete nasal reconstruction. His decades of expertise have shown him that not all subpar primary rhinoplasties require a surgical correction. In some cases, for instance, carefully administered fillers can be used instead.  During a consultation, Dr. Miller meticulously examines the patient's nose and reviews their anatomy and medical history to determine what improvements are possible. Paramount is that the patient feels informed, cared for, and fully confident about surgery. Dr. Miller calls his specialized consultation the NatraLook Process.

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Who should seek a revision rhinoplasty?

Patients who seek a revisional rhinoplasty should be in good overall health. They must also wait until their primary rhinoplasty has fully healed, which can take about 12-18 months. Depending on the degree of correction needed, multiple revisional surgeries may have to be performed over time. By and large, if you need any of the following changes, a revisional rhinoplasty could be right for you.

  • Removal of bone or cartilage from post-surgical nasal humps 
  • Use of cartilage to rebuild the nose when too much has been removed
  • Correction of breathing problems
  • Make nostrils symmetrical, or restructure collapsed nostrils
  • Correction of a 'pinched' nose
  • Straighten a crooked or twisted nose

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What to expect during surgery

Revision rhinoplasties are more complicated than primary rhinoplasties and may require more time in surgery. Some patients can rely on local anesthesia, while others may require sedation or general anesthesia. Dr. Miller will either conduct an open or closed rhinoplasty to correct previous mistakes. An open rhinoplasty involves an incision in the columella, or the piece of cartilage that separates the tip and the base of the nose. This is the easiest way to view the entire structure of the nose and assess what changes need to be made. In a closed rhinoplasty, Dr. Miller makes incisions inside the nostrils. This approach is suitable for minor corrections.

Recovery process

After a secondary rhinoplasty, patients should take one to two weeks off to heal. In the first week, discomfort is normal and should feel like a bad cold. Prescription pain medication may be necessary for the first few days. Swelling and bruising will occur, but bruising will taper off in a week or two; swelling will reduce as well, but may take from 3 weeks to 3 months to subside completely. Normal work and physical activity are usually acceptable after 10-14 days, though patients should use common sense and stop exercising if they feel headache, pain, or swelling. Contact sports are to be avoided for at least 6 weeks. Dr. Miller will create a customized care plan and review it thoroughly with each patient, as well as schedule follow-up visits to monitor healing. 

Miller has thousands of happy patients

Dr. Miller has performed multiple rhinoplasties per week for almost thirty years, and his consistently outstanding results speak for themselves. He is double board certified and has focused his entire career on facial cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Miller values patient experience because he understands that great outcomes require trust, cooperation, and good communication. Contact our offices today for your free consultation!

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