What is MyEllevate neck contouring?

Skin laxity is often most pronounced in the neck and jaw. Thanks to advancements in the facial cosmetic field, there is a successful non-surgical procedure that can help those with mild to moderate sagging in the area that distorts and hides the jawline as well. Our procedure for MyEllevate in New Orleans is a minimally invasive, non-surgical way to lift the skin and muscles of the neck, creating an elegant silhouette with no downtime or stitches. Results are immediately visible and long-lasting.

A quick and effective procedure

When performing a MyEllevate neck contour, Dr. Miller administers local anesthesia and then places a series of small marks underneath the chin and behind the ear. Next, imperceptible puncture sites (less than 1cm) are made at the indicated points. Then, a special tool is used to clear any dermal attachments around the incision sites, carefully avoiding underlying blood vessels and nerves.

Next, Dr. Miller uses a thin fiber optic suture rod with a light at one end called an ICLED to thread a medical-grade suture through the incision points. This creates a supportive scaffolding that highlights the jawline and keeps the skin from drooping. 

No surgery needed

MyEllevate is a non-surgical procedure, and as such, is a great deal less invasive than a facelift or a neck lift. Those complex facial corrections require the manipulation of facial muscles, repositioning of skin, and removal of excess dermal tissue. Patients usually require at least two weeks of recovery time, and final results don’t appear for three to six months. While a facelift or a neck lift is the most thorough correction available, they are not necessary for everyone. 

Our MyEllevate neck and jawline contouring in New Orleans needs no deep incisions, interferes with no musculature, and does not necessitate skin removal; only local anesthesia is needed. A MyEllevate session takes around an hour, and results are visible right away. Bruising and swelling are negligible, and most patients can resume their usual activities after a few days.

Impressive results

Immediately after a MyEllevate procedure, you can expect a tighter jawline, a nicely contoured neck, and no skin sagging or appearance of jowls. Once swelling decreases, results will be even better. Your face will look completely natural and your overall appearance will come across as youthful and rejuvenated.

Little to no recovery time needed

Our procedure for MyEllevate Neck Contouring in New Orleans has almost no downtime. Patients can return to work the same day, or the next day if that feels more comfortable. Slight swelling and bruising are common but typically abate within a few days. Scarring is virtually undetectable. If there is soreness, over-the-counter painkillers can be used for relief.

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Is MyEllevate suitable for you?

MyEllevate is a solution best used on patients with mild to moderate signs of aging and chin sagging. They should also still have a significant amount of skin laxity, and healthy, supple skin overall. Those with extreme jowling or advanced signs of aging are better suited with a neck lift or facelift.

MyEllevate is perfect for those who are nervous about surgery, or simply don’t have the time to dedicate to a surgical procedure and the extended recovery time. It is important for all patients considering a MyEllevate contour to have realistic expectations. During your free consultation, Dr. Miller will carefully evaluate your goals and your medical history to see if MyEllevate could be a solution for you.

Dr. Miller is always at the forefront

For his entire career, Dr. Miller has been involved in advancements in the cosmetic enhancement industry. He has innovated his own techniques, and he rigorously vets the efficacy of new treatments. Dr. Miller is always looking for safe and less invasive procedures with little downtime that yield stellar results, and is proud to offer MyEllevate in New Orleans to his clients. Contact our offices today to set up a free consultation!

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