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A facelift is the only anti-aging treatment powerful enough to elevate and tighten the mid and lower face when laser treatments and fillers fall short. The goal is to refine facial appearance to create a clean jawline and youthful-looking, contoured cheeks while reducing deep wrinkles such as laugh and marionette lines.

But what is the perfect age for a facelift? Most surgeons agree that facelifts are best for patients over age thirty; however, several factors other than age determine facelift candidacy.

The best age for a facelift is determined by genetics

There is no “best time” to get a facelift. Patients who get facelifts after forty but before fifty years old achieve long-lasting benefits, but facelift patients over fifty also enjoy excellent results. An accelerated “genetic age” is the most decisive factor for undergoing a facelift, which includes:

  1. Smoking
  2. Diet
  3. Sun exposure
  4. Skin elasticity  

If you’re in good overall health and are bothered by the following imperfections when you glance in the mirror, it may be time to consider a facelift:

  1. Reduced skin elasticity of the neck or face
  2. Drooping jowls
  3. Sunken or hollowed cheeks
  4. Double neck or “‘turkey neck”

Different types of facelift

One of the best things about a facelift is that it is not a one size fits all procedure. There are different types of facelifts that surgeons recommend based on your “genetic age” and skin elasticity.

  1. A MicroLift subtly lifts the corners of the eyes and cheeks, similar to how you’d look with your hair pulled into a ponytail, with immediate results
  2. A mini facelift targets slight sagging in the jaw area or light wrinkling in the face with smaller incisions
  3. The deep plane facelift manipulates the deeper ligaments and tissue of the mid-face and offers complete facial rejuvenation for those showing advanced signs of aging
  4. Men are increasingly pursuing facelifts to maintain a youthful appearance and an air of confidence with naturally handsome results
  5. The Miller Lift uses a carefully selected combination of dermal fillers and BOTOX to lift and firm up the face, soften fine lines and wrinkles, and add volume to the cheeks

Under 35 facelift alternatives

Because it is rare for anyone under 35 to undergo a facelift, many non-surgical procedures can significantly enhance skin quality: 

  1. Dermal fillers volumize and smooth the cheeks, lips, under eyes, etched-in laugh lines (nasolabial folds), and lip lines
  2. BOTOX® and Dysport® smooth away wrinkles in the forehead and brow, and crow’s feet
  3. MINT Thread Lift tightens the neck and mid-face
  4. Kybella® injections can reduce double chin fat
  5. CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing stimulates the skin to heal itself by removing damaged skin and promoting collagen production

Let a facial plastic surgeon specialist help you decide the perfect age for your facelift

When you’re ready to rejuvenate your appearance but aren’t sure a facelift is right for you, consulting with a qualified facial plastic surgeon can help you make the best decision.

Dr. Miller is one of the nation's premier plastic surgeons; he has specialized in facial plastic surgery for over 25 years in New York, one of the country's most competitive plastic surgery markets. He is double board certified and prides himself on innovating in the field, always searching for new ways to shorten recovery time and patient discomfort. Contact our offices to schedule your consultation today!

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