The Rise of Medical Aesthetics for Men Dr. Philip Miller

Dr. Philip Miller

May 21, 2019

Medical Aesthetics for Men for New York City Rhinoplasty Expert Blog Historically, men’s concerns about their appearance have been focused on building up muscles to create a more masculine and powerful physique. Remember those comic-book and wrestling-magazine ads that made you feel insecure about being a “98-lb. weakling,” even though you were only 12?

But these days, the ubiquity of social media demands that men of all ages look selfie-ready at a moment’s notice. And the “gig” economy, which puts you in the financial ring with ever-younger competitors of both sexes — has made looking energetic, strong, and youthful more important than ever.

Most plastic surgeons see only a small fraction of male patients so have very little experience with men and their unique needs. Luckily, Dr. Miller and Gotham Plastic Surgery in NYC are unique because almost half of their patients are male.

Dr. Philip Miller, a groundbreaking, double-board certified facial plastic surgeon in New York City, knows what kinds of aesthetic improvements look natural and empowering to the male face. As the developer of unique, trademarked procedures such as NatraLook™ facelifts and G.I. Jaw™ chin and jaw enhancement for men, Dr. Miller is committed to making you feel like the absolute best version of yourself so you can achieve Aesthetic Confidence™.

Male Facial Aesthetics

No matter how successful and healthy you are, you can’t stop the inevitable march of time. A whole-foods diet, sun avoidance, and plenty of cell-enriching and muscle-building exercise can do wonders to keep you in optimal shape. Nevertheless, the passing years take their toll on your face, with signs of aging such as:

  • Jowling
  • Sagging skin
  • Hooded eyelids
  • Under-eye bags
  • Double chin
  • Soft neckline
  • Sunspots
  • Uneven skin tone

Before and After image of a man undergoing facial wrinkle removal procedures in New York City. When you’re bothered by facial aging, Dr. Miller spends time listening to your concerns, evaluating your particular facial structure, and designing a customized aesthetic improvement plan. Depending on how early you are in the aging cycle, he may be able to create all the improvements you need without a single incision or stitch.

What’s more, Dr. Miller understands the unique concerns men have about altering their appearance. Dr. Miller is an expert in men’s facial anatomy and can enhance their appearance while maintaining their masculinity.

Nonsurgical revitalization procedures include:

  • Botox® to smooth out dynamic wrinkles
  • Laser resurfacing to even out skin tone
  • Laser treatments to increase skin health
  • Dermal fillers (Juvèderm®, Restylane®) to fill in creases, under-eye trough, and non-surgical rhinoplasty
  • Fat grafting and fillers (Voluma®) to restore lost facial volume

Dr. Miller is also an expert at creating natural-looking rejuvenations via facial surgery or minimally invasive procedures, including:

  • Brow lift — surgically smoothing and lifting the forehead for a more youthful look
  • Upper blepharoplasty — eyelid surgery to resolve upper-eyelid hooding
  • Lower blepharoplasty — lower-lid surgery to remove fat pockets and resolve under-eye tear troughs
  • Chin liposuction — removes a double chin
  • Mini lift — resolves jowling and sagging of lower face
  • Facelift — resolves jowling and sagging of both midface and lower face
  • Fat grafting — your own excess fat is used to restore lost facial volume in midface, tear troughs, or temples
  • Neck lift — underlying plastysmal muscles (also known as neck bands, these are the vertical muscles that are evident when you make a grimace, clench your teeth, or carry stress in your neck region) tightened, double chin removed via liposuction, skin lifted, tightened, and trimmed
  • FaceTite™ — radiofrequency assisted liposuction (RFAL) to tighten loose skin and contour the lower face and neck
  • excel V+ — laser treatment to improve fine lines and wrinkles as well as hyperpigmentation

You don’t have to decide ahead of time which procedure is best for you. During your consultation, Dr. Miller makes his recommendations based on your anatomy, skin quality, and signs of aging. Together, you will create a Unified Vision decide which procedures best meet your goals.

Get “chiseled” via Jawline Augmentation

Before and after image of a man who has undergone jawline enhancement surgery in New York City One of the most-desired masculine facial features is a strongly chiseled jaw and neckline. Dr. Miller invented the G.I. Jaw™ procedure to give you a more powerful lower face, complete with square chin, a sharp jawbone, and well-defined neck. A strong jawline in men is so strongly associated with attractiveness and success that men account for more than half (54%)of the surgical jaw augmentations performed in the U.S., according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Dr. Miller custom designs the G.I. Jaw™ procedure based on the proportions of your upper face, lower face, nose, chin, neck, and jawline, as well as your degree of facial sagging and fat distribution. Depending on your needs, he may recommend:

  • Rhinoplasty to better balance your chin and jaw
  • Medical-grade chin implant to create a more projected, stronger chin
  • Medical-grade jaw implant to strengthen and sharpen jawline
  • Medical-grade cheek implants for lift and contouring
  • Liposuction to remove double chin and strengthen jawline
  • Nonsurgical augmentations with dermal fillers
  • Nonsurgical Kybella® to permanently melt away double chin

If you choose to go the nonsurgical route, Dr. Miller lets you know how frequently you’ll need touch-ups, based on the type of dermal filler used. If you’re considering jaw or chin implants, but aren’t yet sure, a nonsurgical augmentation with dermal fillers is a great way to “audition” a new look.

Schedule Your Consultation in New York Today

Wanting to look our absolute best is a common goal. Dr. Miller is your partner in achieving your aesthetic goals using a customized approach with the right treatments to suit your needs and lifestyle. To set up an appointment and find out how Dr. Miller can enhance your appearance, call (646) 791-3025 or use the online form to book your consultation.

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Dr. Philip Miller

Dr. Philip Miller

Focusing exclusively on the face for more than two decades, double-board certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Philip Miller blends art and science with innovation and skill to provide thousands of patients with impeccable results. He is known for pioneering the NatraLook methodology for rhinoplasty, facelifts, neck lifts, and other cosmetic procedures for the face.

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