Protecting Your Nose After Rhinoplasty Dr. Philip Miller

Dr. Philip Miller

May 29, 2018

rhinoplasty procedure Rhinoplasty surgery in New York is designed to change a patient’s nasal structure, performed to achieve a specific cosmetic or functional result. The reasons for seeking rhinoplasty surgery are as varied as the noses these patients want changed. Rhinoplasty is an investment of your time, money, and energy into your appearance, self-confidence, and satisfaction. The last thing you want is to ruin your results after surgery. Follow these guidelines to preserve the results of your own rhinoplasty procedure once your recovery period has ended. For additional information on this you an review our rhinoplasty and nose job guide. 

Why the Nose Is So Vulnerable

The nose sticks out from your face all on its own without any other features to protect it. Your nose is often the first place you will sustain any facial injury. Athletes are particularly prone to nasal trauma because of contact with other players, accidents with equipment, and falls. Anyone, not just athletes, can sustain damage to the nose. It is a very sensitive and delicate part of the body comprised of fine bones, cartilage, and tissue.

After rhinoplasty surgery, your nose will be extra vulnerable as a result of the changes made to this structure. Your bones, cartilage, and surrounding tissues will be more fragile as they heal, sometimes for up to a year after surgery. Before the nose has fully set, small incidents can result in more dramatic injuries. Even after your nose has set, protecting it from the inside out can make the difference between preserved rhinoplasty results and a revisit to your facial plastic surgeon.

Think About a Protective Mask

If you are active in activities like soccer, basketball, running, hiking, or anything where you might injure your nose, it might be a good idea to find a way to keep it protected. An accident or injury can happen at any time, but you’ll be especially prone to damage if you’re very active. Wearing a protective mask during the times when you are most at risk for an injury can keep your rhinoplasty results intact.

Wear a helmet when you’re skiing, playing hockey, riding a motorcycle, or participating in other activities where a face mask and helmet are recommended. For other activities like tennis or baseball, a custom-made protective mask can be designed to cover your nose and midface area. Talk to your facial plastic surgeon about where to find custom-made acrylic masks or splints made from other, less expensive materials. Specialized nose guards can also be obtained from many sporting goods stores at a reasonable cost.

Stay Out of the Sun

After rhinoplasty surgery, your nose should also be protected from the sun. For a time following your surgery, the changes made to the nasal structure will leave it more susceptible to discoloration and sun damage. Keeping your nose covered and protected from the sun is essential to allowing it to heal naturally. Apply sunblock regularly to the nose and the face alike, remembering to reapply it after you go swimming. Adding a hat or umbrella can increase your protection so plan ahead when you’re heading outside for the day.

Plan a Rhinoplasty Consultation With an Expert in New York

To learn more about rhinoplasty and how you can best preserve your own results, book a consultation with the right facial plastic surgeon today. He can provide more in-depth knowledge about the nasal surgery process. Dr. Philip Miller has specialized exclusively in facial plastic surgery, offering over 20 years of experience and knowledge to his patients.

A recognized expert in rhinoplasty, Dr. Miller has been frequently invited to share his specific techniques with his peers at various national facial plastic surgery meetings. He has been voted among the Best Doctors in America each year since 2007 and has also been named a Top Doctor of New York. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Miller, contact his office located at 60 East 56th Street, Third Floor in New York City, by calling (646) 791-3025.


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Dr. Philip Miller

Dr. Philip Miller

Focusing exclusively on the face for more than two decades, double-board certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Philip Miller blends art and science with innovation and skill to provide thousands of patients with impeccable results. He is known for pioneering the NatraLook methodology for rhinoplasty, facelifts, neck lifts, and other cosmetic procedures for the face.

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