Male Rhinoplasty Surgery Dr. Philip Miller

Dr. Philip Miller

May 21, 2018

Rhinoplasty for Men

A nose by any other name would smell as sweet. It makes no difference, then, whether you are a man or a woman or what kind of nose you have. Everyone’s nose has the same olfactory function, but not all noses are blessed with the same appealing shape or appearance.

male rhinoplasty surgery in new york

In increasing numbers, men are turning to rhinoplasty to change the look of their nose but without fundamentally altering its masculine structure. This is where the cosmetic goals of men and women tend to diverge. When considering nose surgery, women are often looking for significant or dramatic results to achieve a more attractive and feminine appearance. The “male nose job,” by contrast, often has more specific goals in mind. A male patient may opt for nose surgery to remove a dorsal hump or to soften the appearance of a hooked or drooping nasal tip.

Change your Nose

Other male patients are looking to narrow the width of a “dominant” nose or reduce the overall size of the nose to balance out the face. Or they simply want to improve the overall shape of the nose but without dramatically changing its basic structure. Men, in sum, want a better looking nose that unmistakably says “me, mine, and man.” They don’t want results that appear feminine. In cases related less to aesthetics and more to function, men may undergo rhinoplasty to open blocked airways or repair a deviated septum. Regardless of a patient’s gender, the techniques used in nasal surgery in New York are the same and the risks and benefits are also the same. There is a slight risk of infection or nosebleeds following nose surgery, or a temporary loss of smell. To learn more about rhinoplasty, visit

Many Men are Choosing Rhinoplasty

That many men are choosing rhinoplasty for a more satisfying appearance is reflected in the more than 240,000 individuals who underwent rhinoplasty in 2012, 25% of whom were male according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). No longer is there a stigma attached to male rhinoplasty. A good example is Iran, rated the “nose job capital of the world,” where some 200,000 people are having nasal corrective surgery each year. Many of these patients are men. In today’s unisex world there are no gender barriers in nasal surgery, just different cosmetic goals and objectives.

Schedule a Male Rhinoplasty in New York

Dr. Philip Miller is a board certified plastic surgeon and an expert in the field of facial plastic surgery with offices located at 60 East 56th, Third Floor, New York, N.Y. Call (646) 791-3025 for a personal consultation.

Dr. Philip Miller

Dr. Philip Miller

Focusing exclusively on the face for more than two decades, double-board certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Philip Miller blends art and science with innovation and skill to provide thousands of patients with impeccable results. He is known for pioneering the NatraLook methodology for rhinoplasty, facelifts, neck lifts, and other cosmetic procedures for the face.

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